Captioning Automation

$0.75/Min($45/Hour)SyncWords automation and access to all of its tools. Generate captions in dozens of formats with unlimited archiving.

Additional Services

Machine Generated (ASR) Transcription

FREE(included in cost of caption automation)Turnaround within 25% of media run time

Human Transcription

$1.65 per media minute($99 per media hour)Turnaround within 4 Business days

Rush Transcription

$2.25 per media minute($135 per media hour)Turnaround within 2 Business days

Pro Sync

+$0.75 per media minute(Add on to any service)SyncWords editors audit timing, manually time sound cues, and optimize output to perfect your captions.

Enterprise Account

Enterprise accounts allow collaborative features, consolidated billing, flexible payment options, and special rates based on volume and pre-payment.

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