For organizations that produce captions and want to modernize their workflow, SyncWords is a catalyst that accelerates the process while achieving consistently high quality. SyncWords uses smart software based on machine learning to offer the most advanced automation in the industry, streamlining formerly time-intensive tasks.

SyncWords aids in nearly every step of the process to turbocharge captioning workflows. Measurable results have included dramatic productivity gains, significant cost and time savings, faster turnaround of projects, expanded workload capacity, and improvements in quality and accuracy of captions.

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  • All major forms of media & transcripts
  • Transcript compatibility Intelligently handles different encodings & special characters.
  • Automate ingestion
  • Distributed access & custom permissions


Word Level Timing Industry leader in time stamping accuracy.

Segmentation automation Optimal segment and line break choices comparable to experienced captioners.

Intelligent Identification Speaker labels &
sound cues.


Tremendous Speed Captions ready in 25%
of media runtime.

QualitySegmentation optimized for positive user experience.

Accuracy Performs even under challenging audio & speech.

Resilient Works around mismatches between media & transcripts.

  • All major output formats For broadcast, online delivery, and more
  • Pro options for captioning & subtitling Fine control over timing, cues, & other details
  • Custom caption profiles & formats
  • Intelligent case conversion Including caps to mixed case
  • Immediate notification & delivery Upon project completion via the API
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Quality Control
Outputs Graphic
  • To arrive at finalized captions ready for delivery in broadcast or other environments, quality control is an important step. Your review and adjustments will perfect the files for final use or delivery.

    SyncWords accelerates the path to this step. For example, SyncWords will prepare captions for review on a 30 minute program within 7 minutes on average.

    SyncWords visually displays timing confidence data to quickly indicate portions which may require correction.
Success! SyncWords' clients have reported significant improvements to their workflow, including:
  • Productivity Gains Ranging from 2x-6x
  • Improvements in Quality And accuracy of caption outputs
  • Increased Capacity For additional projects
  • Optimal Use of Staff Time & skills
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SyncWords offers an easy to use, RESTful API for clients to further streamline captioning workflows. Creating projects, ingesting media, status notifications, and delivery of captions can all be automated to deliver captions in the fastest possible timeframe. The API makes it simple to integrate SyncWords capabilities with other systems and third party tools.


SyncWords operates 24x7 in the cloud and efficiently scales up resources commensurate with demand. Projects don’t end up in a queue and there is no delay in processing or performance degradation.


SyncWords provides exceptional security – forcing all traffic over HTTPS, using strong encryption, permissions and user management, and an effective set of security best practices at the data, application and server-level.

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